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Beginning in 1980, I've pursued my passion for craftsmanship with wood, creating everything from contemporary furniture to custom guitars with Timtone Custom Guitars, yacht interiors, and fine luxury jewelry and gentleman's boxes. The diverse projects I create reflect a dedication to craftsmanship and client satisfaction. Now, from my newly established workshop, I specialize in smaller, personal projects like bespoke furniture, memorial pieces for loved ones, and restoration.

Let me know if I can help you on your next project.



I have made my full-time living as a woodworker since 1980.
The work I have done over the years has covered a huge range of disciplines within the woodworking trade. I enjoy what I do and the variety is what I enjoy most. 
I have been developing my own property and am now set up and ready to take on projects in my new shop/studio.


With all my previous work and projects, I like to think I have always delivered a high level of craftsmanship and have provided my clients with a good experience.


  • Furniture design and building. Period and contemporary styles.

  • Boat building and joinery.

  • Yacht interiors and small boat features. 

  • Millwork.

  • Movie sets.

  • Musical Instruments. I designed and built custom guitars and basses for 15 years. (Timtone Custom Guitars)

  • Staircases and balustrades. Curved, spiral, and straight.

  • Frame and panel walls, fireplace surrounds, and built-in furniture.

  • I have built a few lovely men's and women's luxury boxes. 

  • I developed a college fine woodworking  program and taught my trade for a few years.


  • Furniture: Small cabinets, tables, shelves, frames, racks, display cabinets, and fixtures, simple to complex. Period or contemporary pieces. One-of design or reproduction.

  • Memorial projects for loved ones: such as unique personalized containers, or incorporating remains in shaped castings for jewelry, shift knobs, and tool handles.

  • Repairs to wood products or fixtures.

  • Small boat parts.

  • AutoCAD, shop drawings, project design.

  • Teaching and tutoring.

  • Gifts, decorative pieces.





Fabrication in Wood

Design & Problem Solving

Keeping it Interesting

I have always considered myself a 'fabricator' in wood. I make what people want or need. 
My range of work is quite vast. I am happy to complete simple utilitarian, complex, artistic, and unusual pieces.

I apply finishes ranging from super simple to nutty complex and polished-like glass. 

I have used 100's of different species of wood. I really enjoy the material I work in. I design around a huge variety of exotic and highly figured woods. I also use common hardwoods and sometimes softwoods.
There are several specialized processes I am also comfortable with; Veneer work, marquetry, inlay, binding, and curved panels and components.
The project, the budget, and the customer dictate these choices. 

Everything I have ever made has to be designed and engineered. I have built simple things, complex things, and even crazy things. I make what people need or what they imagine. My job has always been to interpret and understand the concept, sketch it, design it, engineer the design, and then make it. Generally, I work in wood, but I also weld, fabricate, and do some machining. I love a challenge. 

I built plywood spaceships for Disney Studios; I also designed and built two collapsible walking staffs for a geologist who travelled a lot.
I restored a 100-year-old horse carriage and repaired a 100-year-old sailboat. I built structural knee brackets for a 100-year-old train station that was turned into a pub and rebuilt a 100 year old billiards table. I once designed and built a lace-making machine for a nice woman. I built exotic wood dashboards for a sports car manufacturer. I have made dagger boards, rudders, hatches, masts, gaffs and booms. I have built many speaker cabinets. I have carved cabriole legs and a sheep herder. 
I am open-minded and love change.



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Or you can call: 250-541-9199

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