Tim Diebert … about to change gears.

This website was built to promote my woodworking program. The program is done.
I will be going back to my own studio shortly.
I will add and change content as we move towards our next makers adventure.



Studio Woodworking  and TIMTONE
Tim has worked as a full time woodworker since 1980.
Examples of this work are boat building, furniture making, fancy stair cases and balustrades, movie sets,  stringed instrument making, and teaching.
A small portfolio of some of Tim's instrument making can be seen here.


Our studio is located in Fintry British Columbia Canada.   A small community on the west side of Okanagan Lake. About an hours drive to both Kelowna and Vernon.
I have recently completed construction of a new house and shop/studio. Daphne and I are excited about getting back to work in our own shop again. 

About this website:

There is very little information here at the moment.
We are just getting things figured out and up to speed.

Stay tuned.

January 3, 2022.



How Long?

Studio Woodworking is full-time.
The program is 9 1/2 months (38 weeks) long.


The Studio Woodworking Program always starts the first working day after the Labor Day long weekend in September. We are done around the first week of June. 


The  program is on a four day week.  Monday to Thursday.
*The hours are (currently) 7:30 am to 3 pm.

Previous Experience?

Previous woodworking experience is not required.
People of all skill levels will benefit from this program.

What will you be doing?

We focus on the tech and the techniques needed to effectively organize and build quality items out of wood and other materials.
See a list of topics covered during the program

Why take the Studio Woodworking Program?

Upon successful completion of this program you will have core skills that will enable you to seek employment in any of the many facets of the woodworking industry. You may also be inspired to one day create your own business, studio, or shop.

This program can provide an opportunity for someone already employed in the trade to expand their range of  knowledge and skill in finer woodworking.

Whatever category you might fall into, this program will provide a fantastic launching point towards a rewarding life of Making.

Creation, precision, craftsmanship, and satisfaction.


Upon successful completion of this program you will have an ITA  (Industrial Training Authority) recognized BC Cabinetmaking Level 1 credential that can be applied to a BC Cabinetmaking Apprenticeship. 
A graduate of the Studio Woodworking Program will also receive a Certificate  from Okanagan College. 

The Studio Woodworking Program is a hands on environment. Although there is a good deal of class time and theory, you will spend the bulk of your time in the shop building a wide range of challenging projects. You will be provided with all the necessary tools and equipment as well as your own workbench. If you have your own layout and/or hand tools we encourage you to bring them with you. Each student has a secure tool chest and locker to keep personal items and books.

This program is demanding because of the amount of material being covered, but it will be presented at a natural pace, in a natural and sequential order. There is time enough for each student to absorb the concepts, skills and feel of this wonderful trade. 
If you have a passion for woodworking, this is the place for you.

Read what past students have had to say about STWW.






"Although Studio Woodworking can feel challenging at times, the knowledge I have gained has been very rewarding. As the months passed I started to notice my confidence increasing and my imagination blossoming. I believe Tim shares a lot of tips and tricks that I would never have learned on my own. This course was well worth it."



"Students are introduced to a breadth of fine woodworking topics with a series of carefully selected exercises. Each exercise teaches techniques that have been refined through decades of experience, and that is an invaluable benefit to an aspiring woodworker."

"The class is conducted organically so that the curriculum guides the overall progression and yet there is room for opportunistic learning. Students have substantial opportunity to receive impromptu instruction on topics that arise naturally during their work."

"every day held new enlightenment"

"Students are taught safe, correct procedures and then permitted the freedom work as if in a professional environment, but with support close at hand. As a result, students leave the program better prepared to deal with the gamut of challenges that may be encountered in their own shops."

"It is a credit to OC for having the vision to establish this type of non-mainstream program and give it the resources to ensure a very high quality of instruction" 

"Fine craftsmanship is emphasized with consideration given to economy, ecology, and efficiency."

"This is the best college course I have taken.  The instructor, Tim Diebert, is a master craftsmen and teacher.  It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to learn from him.  The learning environment is top notch; the facilities have all the hand tools, power tools, and machines one could dream of.  I feel lucky to have a course of such a high calibre offered through Okanagan College."