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Grand Forks British Columbia Canada

Though I sold my work all over the world, I did all those projects from my little shop in Grand Forks. It was a great location as the US border was 15 minutes away. No matter where I was shipping a project, it was usually sent from the small town of Danville Washington.

The Timtone website is still up.


1993 to 2008

During this time I focused on making purely custom stringed instruments for people all around the world. I made a wide variety but mainly guitars. I also built, basses, baritones, and lap steel style. All were electric, but I did many semi hollow as well as solid body instruments. I designed and build a ten string guitar that had five outputs. It was quite the monster. I built one double neck instrument as well as a very short scale four string instrument for a man in New Zealand.
I had eleven body and head stock designs that were unique to Timtone. I even had a major manufacturer 'borrow' one of my designs.
I commonly used wood species that (to my knowledge) had not been used for stringed instrument construction before.
With the help of a very good friend, we were one of the first makers to incorporate a midi controller within the instruments.
The Timtone years were very exciting and gratifying, with a huge learning curve tossed in.

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